Today’s building requires complex networks to support communications, security, operational and energy management while meeting the highest standards for green stewardship. Our Enterprise solution portfolio provides a competitive advantage for today, but sustainability for the future.

Connectivity Systems, Cabling and Wireless solutions.

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Energy Management

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The data center, as we have come to know it, has changed. With bandwidth needs driven by trends such as wearable technology and big data, we see a shift in how organizations are viewing, building and planning their data centers. We see many organizations migrate new data centers to leased co-location facilities and a public cloud. When organizations choose to build their own data center, the facilities need to be more efficient and achieve higher density.

For most data centers, approximately 70% of the operating budget is spent on maintaining existing infrastructure while only 30% is for innovations aligned to your business goals. Your challenge is to reverse that allocation and transform your data center into a strategic business asset. Improving and reducing deployment times and gaining real time visibility to power, cooling, space, and connectivity enables you to reduce operational expenditures (OpEx) spent on day to day operations and more on strategic innovation, optimizing capital expenditure (CapEx).

Through our unique ability to leverage our technology partnerships and an integrated stack of physical and intelligent infrastructure solutions, United Technologies IoT delivers comprehensive data center solutions. Working with us and our partners, enables you to respond to strategic business challenges such as capacity management, migration from 10G to 40G/100G Ethernet, or other operational challenges to reduce operating costs and maximize capacity utilization for the greatest ROI.


Power management

Thermal management and cooling optimization

Asset and connectivity management

Intelligent hardware

Monitored rack PDUs that provide management down to the outlet level

Environmental monitoring, including wireless nodes that use a mesh network that is self-configurable, self-healing and non-invasive

Intelligent patch panels that offer port-level connectivity traceability

Pre-configured cabinets that offer DCIM plug-and-play benefits for day-one interoperability and performance

Modular cabinets for serviceability and flexibility for moves, adds and changes

Seamless migration path for higher data rates and next-generation network architectures (fiber and copper connectivity)

Passive airflow remediation product suite (thermal management, cooling control and containment)

Pre-configured cabinets, including plug-and-play solutions and POD containment designs



Also known as the Industrial Internet, IIoT incorporates machine learning and big data technology, harnessing the sensor data, machine-to-machine (M2M) communication and automation technologies that have existed in industrial settings for years. The driving philosophy behind the IIoT is that smart machines are better than humans at accurately, consistently capturing and communicating data.

This data can enable companies to pick up on inefficiencies and problems sooner, saving time and money and supporting business intelligence efforts. In manufacturing specifically, IIoT holds great potential for quality control, sustainable and green practices, supply chain traceability and overall supply chain efficiency. United Technologies IoT Industrial Automation Infrastructure solutions adhere to network architectures such as CPwE, providing a reliable end-to-end network physical layer infrastructure—from the enterprise to the edge.

Our integrated physical infrastructure building blocks, tools and design services simplify network deployment for better equipment optimization and broader risk management. We will help you assess, design, deploy and manage a network infrastructure built around IT and OT physical layer standards that ensure performance engineered for fast, repeatable, and high-quality installations.


Advisory Services

Cable and Wire Management

Control Panel Systems

High Speed Cabling

Integrated Network Zone System

IntraVUE Software

Power and Grounding Systems

Preconfigured Micro Data Center

Safety and Security


Our experience in energy can assist commercial, industrial and municipal clients to help reduce their operating costs. Our energy saving solutions will help you maximize your power consumption efficiencies and decrease the cost of the power you consume. An Innovative and integrated approach for Energy Management Solutions, we provide unique building management technologies and services that optimize energy efficiency and comfort in buildings, all the while reducing operating costs. We deliver innovative solutions for greener buildings through our passion for innovation, quality, customer satisfaction, and sustainability.


Energy management solutions

Alternative energy solutions

HVAC Controls


We understand the challenges you face meeting design, industry, and application requirements in a timely and cost-effective way while keeping an eye on your bottom line. We have focused on electrical systems solutions that help organize, connect, and protect, including:



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